About the Mineral Resource Information Packages

Working with the Department of Defense Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), members of the USGS Minerals Project assessed fuel- and non-fuel mineral resources of Afghanistan from October 2009 to September 2011 with the goal of identifying particular deposits that could be relatively easily developed.

The team identified key Areas of Interest (AOI)—and subareas within them—that fit these criteria. The AOIs contain mineral reserves or resources that have been well-documented through sampling in trenches, drill holes, and/or underground workings. Most are accessible by existing roads.

The team then combined data previously published by USGS about these resources with new data gathered during the joint USGS-TFBSO effort to create digital Data Packages for 29 AOIs and 36 subareas. Archival reports and other types of information were added to these digital Data Packages to form 57 Information Packages.

The Information Packages, in turn, form the basis for mineral Bidding Packages that provide formal, legal means for Afghan and foreign investors and mining firms to acquire the rights to develop Afghanistan’s mineral resources.

The newly created Afghanistan Geological Survey Data Center (AGSDC) may eventually act as the access point for the Information Packages. Until AGSDC reaches full capacity and is distributing large datasets, the packages are freely accessible and downloadable via this website.


 View and download the Mineral Resource Information Packages.