Kundalan Information Package

NOTE: 7-Zip open source archive software is recommended to decompress these files. If the Information Packages have multiple volumes (.partN.rar) you'll receive errors while decompressing due to all the volumes not being present. If you receive an error, please download the associated volumes before decompressing.

Geospatial Data download:
Index of entire geospatial data archive (KUNDALAN_Info_Package_DATA_AOI.txt)
KUNDALAN_Info_Package_DATA_AOI.part1.rar (931 MB)
KUNDALAN_Info_Package_DATA_AOI.part2.rar (931 MB)
KUNDALAN_Info_Package_DATA_AOI.part3.rar (931 MB)
KUNDALAN_Info_Package_DATA_AOI.part4.rar (181 MB)

Reports, Maps, and Ancillary information:
Index of entire reports archive (KUNDALAN_Info_Package_REPORTS_AOI.txt)
KUNDALAN_Info_Package_REPORTS_AOI.part1.rar (931 MB)
KUNDALAN_Info_Package_REPORTS_AOI.part2.rar (931 MB)
KUNDALAN_Info_Package_REPORTS_AOI.part3.rar (931 MB)
KUNDALAN_Info_Package_REPORTS_AOI.part4.rar (931 MB)
KUNDALAN_Info_Package_REPORTS_AOI.part5.rar (524 MB)

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