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On the index map below, the 29 mineral Areas of Interest (AOIs), as well as cement and lithium AOIs, appear as numbered boxes and circles. The numbers correspond to the alphabetical listing below the map.

GREEN boxes = minerals, BLUE circles = cement, YELLOW boxes = lithium

  1. Double-click on any AOI and it will enlarge to show the area in more detail, including any subareas within it. Repeated double-clicking will allow you to zoom in further (or use the slider bar in the upper left-hand corner of the map).
  2. A single click on any AOI or subarea will bring up a callout in which you can go to the catalog of data downloads (Information Packages) for that AOI or subarea. NOTE: Files are large; download times may be considerable depending on the speed of your connection.


Mineral AOIs/Subareas (green boxes)
(1) Ahankashan
(2) Aynak
a. Bakhel Charwaz
b. Kelaghey Kakhay
c. Kharuti Dawrankhel
d. Logar Valley
e. Yagh-Darra Gul-Darra
(3) Badakhshan
a. Baharak
b. Fayz Abad
c. Ragh
(4) Baghlan
(5) Bakhud
(6) Balkhab
a. Balkhab Prospect
(7) Daykundi
(8) Dudkash
(9) Dusar Shaida
a. Dahana Misgaran
b. Kaftar
c. Shaida
(10) Ghunday Achin
a. Ghunday Mamahel
b. Achin Magnesite
(11) Haji Gak
a. Ferenjal Area
b. Haji Gak Prospect
c. Haji Gak NE
(12) Kandahar
a. Obatu Shela
b. Sekhab Zamato Kalay
(13) Katawas
a. Katawas
(14) Khanneshin
a. Khanneshin Volcano
(15) Kharnak Kanjar
a. Koh e Katif Passaband
b. Panjshah Mullayan
c. Sahebdad Khanjar
(16) Kundalan
a. Baghawan Garangh
b. Charsu Ghumabad
c. Kunag Skarn
(17) Kunduz
(18) North Bamyan
(19) North Herat Barium
a. North Herat
(20) North Takhar
(21) Nalbandon
a. Gharghananaw Gawmazar
b. Nalbandon District
(22) Nuristan
(23) Panjsher Valley
a. Panjsher
b. Emerald
(24) Parwan
(25) South Bamyan
a. Central Bamyan
(26) South Helmand Travertine
(27) Takhar Evaporite
(28) Tourmaline
(29) Zarkashan
a. Bolo-Au Prospects
b. Luman Tamaki
c. Zarkashan Mine
Cement AOIs (blue circles)
(1) Cement Baghlan
(2) Cement Hirat
(3) Cement Jabal Saraj
Lithium AOIs (yellow boxes)
(1) Chakhansur
(2) Dasht_e_Nawar
(3) Godzareh West
(4) Godzareh East
(5) Namaksar-e-Herat