High-Resolution Hyperspectal Figures Index for Summaries Report

Use the map and Mineral Areas of Interest (AOIs) list below to access the high-resolution hyperspectral mapping analysis (B) chapters in the Summaries of Important Areas for Mineral Investment and Production Opportunities of Nonfuel Minerals in Afghanistan report. Note that the numbering used in the list corresponds to the Mineral AOIs.

  1. Double-click on any AOI (green box) and it will enlarge to show the area in more detail. Repeated double-clicking will allow you to zoom in further (or use the slider bar in the upper left-hand corner of the map).
  2. A single click on any AOI will bring up a callout box. Selecting “B chapter downloads” will take you to a list of high-resolution figures from the report for that AOI and its subareas. NOTE: Files are large; download times may be considerable depending on the speed of your connection.



Mineral Areas of Interest (AOIs)
(2) Aynak
(3) Badakhshan
(4) Baghlan
(5) Bakhud
(6) Balkhab Copper
(7) Daykundi
(8) Dudkash
(9) Dusar Shaida
(10) Ghunday Achin
(11) Haji Gak
(13) Katawas
(14) Khanneshin
(15) Kharnak Kanjar
(16) Kundalan
(17) Kunduz
(18) Nalbandon
(20) North Herat Barium
(21) North Takhar
(22) Nuristan Pegmatites
(23) Panjsher Valley
(26) South Helmand Travertine
(27) Takhar Evaporite
(28) Tourmaline
(29) Zarkashan