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Natural-Color Landsat Image Mosaic of Afghanistan 1:850,000 Map Series

These image maps were produced from the 1 x 2 degree natural-color map quadrangles clipped along the Afghanistan border to provide a 15 km image buffer. The data were reprojected to the standard Transverse Mercator map projection that has zero false Easting and Northing, a 66 degree East central meridian, and a 34 degree North reference latitude. The picture element resolution was reduced from the original 28.5 m to 35.985 m to conform to a 600 dpi image for printing on common plotters. Accompanying these maps are associated browse and thumbnail (tn) graphics to allow for efficient on-line previewing. These graphics are denoted with a "_browse" and "_tn" suffix, respectively.

Place names, roads, and province names and borders were obtained from the Afghanistan Information Management Service (UN AIMS at

The three image maps (below) were converted to JPEG2000 (.jp2) in lossless conversion mode to conserve disk space.

Natural Color Mosaic